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Bergpol Investment is a company with Dutch capital. We have over 25 years experience in industrial, commercial and housing developments in the Netherlands and in Poland.

It is always our aim to develop our real estate’s combining the best of both worlds.

Our office is located in Poznań.

We’ve been doing business in Poland for over 20 years.

Kasper speaks Polish and has a great fondness for Poland. He likes to cook and combine Polish and Dutch tastes. He lives near Poznań with his wife and daughter.20 lat inwestycji


Kasper Vencken
tel. 572 029 207

Poznań Office:
Bergpol Investment Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wielka 18’12
61-775 Poznan


The architectural design of the Marianovo Haven has been entrusted to the Poznań design studio Barchitecture


Bartosz Konieczny, b. 1981 – an architect who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań University of Technology, completed his first project during the second year of studies – the multiple-award winning hotel HOT_elarnia****.

In 2006 he created the brand BARCHITECTURE and invited Tomasz Sołtysiak to work together. Since then they have been jointly running a studio, designing houses, hotels, office buildings, private and commercial interiors and their furnishings.

Bartosz believes that there are no ugly things, and that there is nothing worse than ordinariness – the secret is in the contrast. His motto is “Whatever you think, think the opposite”…

Tomasz Sołtysiak, born 1981 A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań University of Technology.

An active architect for 13 years. He is a holder of an architect’s unlimited construction license for 10 years. He believes that creation and coordination are the most important things in the design process, and that the two must harmoniously permeate and complement each other in order for a beautiful idea to become an equally beautiful realization.